Essex Digital Awards 2016
The Essex Digital Awards (EDA's) were held at The Western homes Community Stadium in Colchester, Essex on Thursday evening 

Pictured are all of the award Winners 

Photographs by Chris Rushton

This is your chance to be recognised by some of the digital industry’s leading lights, from some of the world’s biggest companies.

Established in 2013, the Essex Digital Awards is part of series of similar schemes looking to reward innovation and progressive thinking by businesses, individuals, events, charities or educational establishments. Our winners span several industries and range from individuals to national companies, but all have at the core of their entry a desire to use digital media as a means to achieve greater things for their business.

Our mission is not only to reward those businesses who have already taken significant strides forward, we’re also celebrating a huge pool of design and development ability and, most importantly, we’re showcasing what is possible for any business willing to take that step forward.

Entry is completely free, and takes less than two minutes.

Who is eligible to enter the EDAs?

Companies, individuals, organisations, events, charities or schools which either operate within Essex, or do work for clients who do. For the purposes of the EDAs, we’re using this list. If you’re based outside Essex, but you build a website for a company in Essex, you are still eligible to enter.