EDA16 Welcomes Employment & Skills Board

January 18th, 2016
Employment & Skills Board

The Essex Employment and Skills board is to sponsor two categories at the Essex Digital Awards 2016.

The organisation – a strategic body set-up to give businesses and the public sector a voice into the development of workplace skills across Greater Essex – will sponsor the “Small Business Website” and the “Future of Essex” awards.

The “Small Business Website” award is being supported by the Board’s Digital Skills for Growth Programme and the “Future of Essex” award by the ESB Education and Industry STEM Programme.

Suzanne Jude, Chair of ESB, which is made up of representatives from businesses, education, the NHS and local authorities, explained why the organisation chose to get involved with the Awards.

She said: “The Digital Skills for Growth programme was set-up as a solution for employers who required workers with digital skills, in light of the technological advances that are ever more prevalent in industry today.

“Since its launch in 2014, the programme has been able to support funding for more than 100 people – the result has greatly improved the growth of the businesses and has given many people new skills for a life-long career.

“The ESB feels that those who have become involved with the programme deserve recognition for their successful involvement, and to demonstrate the positive impact that the Board is able to create.”

“The Digital Skills for Growth funding is available until the March 31, 2016. If you would like to take part in the programme, or would like some more information on the funding, please visit the following page on the ESB website for the terms of funding and contact details http://essexpartnership.org/content/skillsgrowth

The “Future of Essex” award, an ESB initiative, is being presented at the Essex Digital Awards in April for the second year running.

It was launched in collaboration with the EDA team to recognise the array of promising young digital talent around the county through technology-based projects which bring together schools, students and people from businesses around the county.

Ms Jude said: “For me, a personal highlight as ESB Chair over the last few months has been participating in the ESB Education and Industry STEM Programme, which enables young people to gain an insight into local industry.

“As part of my involvement in this, we have hosted a Quadcopter Challenge in which four Essex Schools built a quadcopter from a kit of parts whilst learning about topics such as aerodynamics culminating in a fly off competition.

“Seeing the tangible difference our programmes are making is really rewarding and a great illustration of our commitment to making real impact on the local skills landscape.

“We are really pleased to be acknowledging the young people involved in this programme through the Future of Essex Award at the Essex Digital Awards”.

The ESB Education and Industry STEM Programme continues to inform young people about local growth sectors employers working within science, technology, engineering and maths can who can give up some time to support students at a local school are encouraged to participate. For further information on the Programme, click here


Entry for the Essex Digital Awards is open until February 19, 2016. To enter click here.

The Board has four main objectives, which are:
¥ To ensure the creation of a robust evidence base for skills and to use this to develop an executable five-year business plan which incorporates an implementation plan and is reviewed annually
¥ To support the deployment of the new enabling mechanisms which contribute to the closer alignment of skills provision and business need – including an online employer portal and the Essex Skills Investment Fund (ESIF)
¥ To champion involvement and participation in the skills system by engaging widely with businesses through disseminating information from the Board and by creating the conditions which allow the views of interested businesses to be taken into consideration
¥ To take the case for requisite finance and flexibilities to Government on behalf of all Essex providers, businesses and public sector agencies.
¥ Information on the Board and other activities is available at http://esb.essexpartnership.org

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