Creating Great Content with Digital Awards Judge Lisa Cope

June 24th, 2015
Kent Digital Awards 2015

When it comes to creating a successful online presence, the vast majority seem to overlook one of the most important aspects and that’s content.

Someone once said “content is king” and they’re right on the money!

Content is without a doubt an integral part of any website. Yes, you of course need a few other things such as functionality and user experience but the one thing that’s guaranteed to get people engaged and coming back to you is content. Content can help establish and reinforce your brand and message as long as you make it relevant and exciting.

By creating original and compelling content, you put yourself in a great position for gaining more exposure from search engines like Google. Google in particular has made it quite obvious that they’ll happily penalise websites for displaying duplicate content and subsequently reward those offering originally written work. Not only does this emphasise the importance of great content but it also goes to show it takes more than a few quick clicks on your lunch break.

To make things easier for you we caught up with Lisa Cope, the head of online promotions and new media at Nuclear Blast, one of the world’s leading heavy metal online shops.

Lisa is also a judge at the Milton Digital Awards 2015.

Here are Lisa’s top 4 tips for producing the best content for your website.

1.Always strive for original content – one of the biggest problems with the Internet is the fact that someone, somewhere has no doubt done it before and there’s likely a record of it too. For this Lisa suggests thinking about being a little more creative, “You need to think outside the box when creating content. I think of three things: my target audience, my media partners I want to place content with and any cross promotion opportunities. A brand may sit well with another brand or product, which can create engaging content that puts your brand or product in front of new eyes. Original content or something that veers from the norm is more likely to be shared as it’s fresh and engages with fans on a new level.”

2.Focus on strong and punchy headlines – these are inevitably what grab attention and pull in the readers. Lisa had this to say, “Headlines should be factual but the ones that get more clicks are sensational or funny. Be creative with your headlines and you’ll see that convert into traffic. This is especially relevant when promoting your content via social networks. Think how quickly news falls off of your Facebook timeline or Twitter feed. Your headline is going to be the thing that makes someone not only read your news but share it too.”

3.Always remain accurate in reporting and where you sourced the information – as Lisa has mentioned before, the days of exclusivity online are long gone so you’ll no doubt find yourself in situations where you’re sharing information from other sources. This however isn’t necessarily a bad thing she explains as long as you do it correctly, “you must always link back to your source. It may seem trivial with the world wide web being so easily accessible to all but linking back to sources will not only generate good karma but it’s vital for everything from SEO to identifying you as a reliable sharer and collaborator of information. Think about the bigger picture always: our sense of neighbourly community has branched into the online world too. It’s good practice to operate as you wish to be treated.”

4.Create content that’s engaging – by creating content that sparks a new conversation or engages the reader in a different way, you’ve taken a great step toward increasing traffic. To best clarify this point however, Lisa decided to give us an example of just some of the work she does at Nuclear Blast, “I recently had a Norwegian Metal band’s album to promote and the guy we filmed content with is a massive fan of Family Guy. So much so, he has himself tattooed as Peter Griffin on his leg. With this in mind, I slung together a Family Guy quiz. The feedback has been immense. People who weren’t sure of the band but are fans of the show have been turned onto their music and vice versa…as mentioned above, everything may have already been done before but it’s all about putting a fresh spin on things and creating something beyond what is the norm and comfortable. This is the Internet where almost anything is possible.”

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