Essex Council to Host Networking Event with Chinese Business Leaders

May 29th, 2018

Essex County Council – a sponsor of EDA18 – is inviting companies across the county to a networking event with Chinese businesses.

The Far East delegation are in the UK to learn about the British Supply Chain and will attend the event which takes on June 11th between 3pm-5pm at the Supply Chain Academy in Upminster.

It’s an opportunity for Essex businesses to establish a direct link with the Chinese market and potentially source or sell products and services.

The event is ideal for, but not limited to, companies who work in the following fields.

  1. IT technologies suited to the Chinese Market
  2. Manufacturers/distributors of livestock equipment,  livestock cooling equipment.
  3. Trade, futures, and investment in agriculture
  4. Explore the business mode of UK Pioneer Parks and draw on their advanced experience.
  5. UK military and police equipment companies
  6. Tea trade, tea production, tea sale
  7. E-commerce, Internet promotion, brand promotion, brand marketing, etc.
  8. Companies in food machinery industry.
  9. Garment corporations with their own brands
  10. 10.Power generation companies
  11. 11.Accounting firms and law firms
  12. 12.Gold foil buyers
  13. 13.Solar companies
  14. 14.Insurance brokers and financial services
  15. 15.Construction Companies (three companies)
  16. 16.Companies interested in opening in China
  17. 17.Health Industry Products to bring to China
  18. 18.Distributors of smart green products

China Networking Event is being organised by Essex International, an Essex County Council initiative to promote commercial relations with China.

For more information about the event click here

Or to register email [email protected]

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