A message from the EDAs Team: “Thank you to our wonderful supporters”

February 12th, 2015

First established in 2014, the Essex Digital Awards is now well into its second year and proving to be a roaring success. The idea of rewarding innovation and progressive thinking in and around the digital world has most certainly taken hold in the forward thinking county of Essex, but, in spite of it being a rather popular idea the EDAs simply wouldn’t be where it is today without the help of such wonderful supporters.

The list of sponsors and supporters has grown considerably since the first EDAs took place last year with the addition of leading organisations and companies from across the county.

Lookers Volvo Colchester have taken centre stage this year as our headline sponsor and has provided wonderful support while continuing to offer the people of Essex the most positive experience possible when it comes to purchasing and maintaining their Volvo.

Freelance SEO Essex is our associate sponsor. To have one of the leading search engine optimisation companies within Essex on board for the second year running has been a huge boost to the awards scheme.

Our key supporters for the 2015 awards happens is the Essex Chambers of Commerce. Having supported and represented the needs of businesses for well over 100 years, we couldn’t be more appreciative of their contacts and knowledge.

The Essex Chronicle, an award winning newspaper that also happened to celebrate it’s 250th anniversary last year, needs no explanation and to have had them on board from the very beginning has allowed an incredible partnership to form.

Superfast Essex – from Essex County Council – is a hugely innovative scheme which launched when the coalition government finally recognised just how much a lack of a universally high speed internet connection was holding back economic growth and social wellbeing here in Britain. Their support has been hugely invaluable.

Capricorn Media, another addition following the success of last year’s awards are a media training company who have achieved great success through their high quality delivery of sports, business and broadcast media training packages.

The PrintXchange, in Maldon, have been superb in supporting the EDAs for the second time in 2015. Much of our work, as you’d expect, is on digital platforms, but nearly every time we use a piece of paper or card they are behind it, great guys.

Ding Video, a brand new video directory allowing people to search categories such as business, travel, entertainment, jobs and much more, has also become an invaluable sponsor of the awards.

Designsixtyfour is another example of one of the leading companies we now have on board. With their clients in recent times having included Sony Music, Virgin, EMI and West Ham United, there’s no need to further explain just how much they lead the way for our county when it comes to website design and print.

Specialising in commercial sales and recruitment has meant the sponsorship of Suit Recruit has brought with it a fabulous platform on which to network. Their tenacious approach to offering a bespoke service has certainly taught us a lot.

It is also with great pleasure that we recently announced the official support of the banking giant, NatWest, thank you.

Last but by no means least we have Noise PR, one of the county’s “leading public relations companies” specialising in increasing their clients media presence. The company, set up by a former award-winning journalist, has worked with a number of businesses, celebrities, charities and schools.

Iain Johnson, part of our Essex Digital Awards team explained: “There is no doubt that being backed by successful companies and leading organisations including Lookers Volvo Colchester, Freelance SEO Essex, Essex Chambers of Commerce and the Essex Chronicle has made an immense difference in building the credibility of the EDAs.

“We would like to offer a huge ‘thank you’ for their support and that of our other sponsors which include Essex County Council, Ding Video and Training with Capricorn.

“Without you we couldn’t have brought this scheme to the county in such a big way.”

For more details on our sponsors and supporters and how to get in touch with them, just click here.

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