A Few Minutes With… Essex County Cricket Club’s Danny Macklin

July 28th, 2014

Danny MacklinTo explore the wide range of experiences and opinions within the digital business world, we’re running a series of interviews, ‘A Few Minutes With…’.

Today, we’re speaking with Essex County Cricket Club’s Commercial Manager Danny Macklin.

Could you describe your company’s activity on social networks?
Essex Cricket use social media to engage with our supporters, members and media. We strive to provide fresh, innovative and dynamic content all year round. We have a very strong following that is one of the highest among the counties.

Are there elements of your business now that would not have been possible without social media?
The ability to broadcast a next to free message quickly. This greatly aids us with ticket sales and keeping people up to date who otherwise would be less engaged with the club and fixtures.

How has your relationship with your customers/clients changed with the dawn of social media?
It means we are effectively open 24 hours, 7 days a week. The curse and benefit of social media have to be appreciated. One bad customer experience can lead to thousands of fellow followers discovering that.

Which social media campaigns or accounts have really caught your eye recently?
Other than our own, we have been really impressed with some of the detailed targeting on Twitter with advertisements. Recently we were in Wales, we were tweeting from there and a number of occasions we were greeted with a ‘welcome to Wales’ message.

What have you found to be the most positive and negative aspects of using social media for your business?
The positive is the ability to provide breaking news to a wide audience and to promote other areas of our business. On the flip side, when (it does happen every so often!) we are losing games the negative comments aired to us on social media often go beyond what is reasonable. At the end of the day they are speaking to a human on the other end.

What advice would you give to businesses looking to improve their social media activity?
Have a strategy for content for each social media platform, don’t do too much or too little. Give people rewards and incentives to follow you, engage with your best bloggers, reward them. Take time to engage with supporters and remember that every character you put on their needs to add something. Whilst the limit, as we all know, is 140 characters don’t feel you have to use every one of them, every time.



You can find out more about Essex Cricket at their official website.

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