A Few Minutes With… Warner Music Norway’s Chris Haaland

September 12th, 2014
Essex Digital Awards 2014

To explore the wide range of experiences and opinions within the digital business world, we’re running a series of interviews, ‘A Few Minutes With…’.

Today, we’re speaking with Warner Music Norway’s Digital Marketing Manager Chris Haaland, based in Oslo.

Could you describe your company’s activity on social networks?
We are very lucky to be able to work with some of the greatest musical talents out there, and our main focus is to help the artist build, nurture and retain their fan base online. This is now the key element in our marketing mix on most project.

Are there elements of your business now that would not have been possible without social media?
It would be very challenging to communicate as directly and effectively as we do today without the help of social media. We are able be in constant dialogue with our customers, which is very helpful in the streaming era.

How has your relationship with your customers/clients changed with the dawn of social media?
I started working in the music industry in 2010, and social media has always been one of the key elements in my career. Over the last four years we have seen a change in the users’ online behaviour and the way they consume music, which has made us change our strategy to get the message out there. We’ve slowly moved away from traditional marketing and communication towards more content-based marketing.

Which social media campaigns or accounts have really caught your eye recently?
‘Experience the Power of a Bookbook’ by Ikea.

What have you found to be the most positive and negative aspects of using social media for your business?
Personally one of the positives I would say is all the noise we see in today’s market. This makes us work even harder to come up with new and innovative ideas for our campaigns. This is also a negative, as it can be really hard to cut through the noise, find the latest ‘hack’ to work around algorithms, and make stuff reach the right audience.

What advice would you give to businesses looking to improve their social media activity?
Be real, consistent and transparent.

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