A Few Minutes With…Capricorn Media’s Owner Robin Bailey

February 9th, 2015

In keeping with our regular series of interviews “A Few Minutes With…” we decided to speak with the owner and director of Essex based Capricorn Media, Robin Bailey.

Capricorn Media offer media training programmes for broadcast, business and sports preparing individuals, groups and clubs for media interviews, press commitments and broadcasting. Capricorn Media’s workshops have trained and prepared the likes of Theo Walcott, Gareth Bale, the Rugby Football League and even the British Swimming team.

Here’s what Robin, a Digital Award’s sponsor and member of our independent judging panel, had to say on his experiences within the digital world of today.

Could you describe your company’s activity on social networks?

At Capricorn Media I’ve stuck with LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter; I’ve lost count of the jobs I’ve picked up through these networks. I’ve also found it’s invaluable in terms of keeping you in peoples consciousness. A business pal recently saw my tweet about the new world darts champion being my media-training client and became a client himself. Luck and timing does play a part but I still stay active and post on social media as part of my working day.

Are there elements of your business now that would not have been possible without social media?

Not necessarily but I have found that social media enables you to reach a sizeable audience quickly, particularly with the help of “Likes” and “Retweets”. Video has always been a big part of what I do to showcase my work whether that’s in my media training, my corporate productions or my website. Showing snippets of video via social media for instance has been important in raising awareness especially when it links back to the website. I think all good communication these days needs to drive potential customers back to your website.

How has your relationship with your customers/clients changed with the dawn of social media?

I can provide a much better service to my clients than I was able to before social media. Video used to be burned on to DVDs and then sent out to customers but so many clients now have their own YouTube channels. This means we can post on to YouTube quickly and a film can be up and running, helping the customer sell their products or services instantly. Through Twitter especially, I’m able to follow the fortunes of some of the sports stars I’ve media trained and congratulate them. It makes them feel like the service and backing from Capricorn is always there and that helps bring in repeat custom.

Which social media campaigns or accounts have really caught your eye recently?

I am always impressed by the way the Mirror newspaper group drives readers to their online paper articles with a tease, an intriguing post or the opening of a debate on a stamping controversy, a referee howler. It’s clever communication. Also a shout out for my old pals at the BBC and their presenters/reporters who are geared up to link articles, press conferences, photos and videos.

What have you found to be the most positive and negative aspects of using social media for your business?

Most positive – driving into new audiences and getting to people you could only dream about through conventional old methods.

Negative – there is no doubt that a working day involves more work – and for me writing. People expect you to respond immediately to questions, texts, tweets etc. and if you don’t it’s seen as bad practice. Social media brings with it more thinking time and extends the average working day but I would always argue, if used properly the positives outweigh the negatives.

What advice would you give to businesses looking to improve their social media activity?

I was once told that social media should be driving people to look at your website so use links and increase traffic. There’s a scattergun approach to a certain extent but it’s that old sales technique of landing a small percentage of your leads and inquiries. Social Media enables everyone to multiply their leads and inquiries many times over, very easily – and this has to be good for business.

For more information on Capricorn Media and how they can help you with media training and preparation then contact them today on:
Email: robin[AT]trainingwithcapricorn.com
Mobile: 07966 256724

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