The Wonderful World of Twitter

February 13th, 2015

As was, is, and will likely always be the case, the key to power is knowledge.

Twitter, the social media network that was in fact never supposed to be a social media network, will soon be celebrating it’s ninth birthday this coming March. The network, which has since become quite a big name with the microbloggers of the world, has certainly come a long way since the first tweet was sent back in March 2006. Now a household name and a firm favourite among celebrities and businesses alike, what is it exactly that caught our hearts? Could it be the fact that Twitter is now the fastest way to deliver breaking news to the ever hungry public? Television networks and programmes are now displaying their twitter handles and hashtags more than ever before.

Despite the reported 20 million fake user accounts the importance of Twitter when it comes to social media marketing can no longer be ignored. The sheer velocity at which information travels was very recently realised when millions across the globe retweeted the “best photo ever” from Ellen DeGeneres and a handful of other celebrity names at last years Oscars. With over 3.4 million retweets, the photo only went on to show the true power of Twitter and just what it’s capable of.

Having gone public back in November 2013 with huge profits in its first day (shares began at approximately £17 and finished at roughly £29.47 in the first day of trading), Twitter was firmly in the hands of the public and in spite of a net loss of around £22.3 million in the last quarterly report, shares are still trading at a great price. Twitter is still very much as popular as ever.

On that note, here are our top 5 interesting facts about Twitter.

Twitter usage – A whopping 80% of the 284 million active monthly users claim their mobile phone is their primary tweeting tool.
Brands on Twitter – A reported 63% of worldwide brands and labels have multiple twitter accounts with a staggering 92% of them tweeting more than once a day.
Imagery on Twitter – as they say pictures can say a thousand words so it’s no surprise that tweets containing image links have 5x more engagement than those with words alone.
Advertising on Twitter – a cool 34% of marketers find themselves successfully generating leads simply via Twitter.
B2B marketing on Twitter – B2B marketers are now solidifying the fact that the little blue bird represents yet another professional platform capable of holding it’s own against the likes of LinkedIn, with Twitter being the second most used social network by B2B marketers.

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