Improving Your Website’s SEO

February 18th, 2015

Looking to boost your website’s SEO? Then Freelance SEO Essex can show you how.

With a team comprising of experienced SEO specialists, web designers and copywriters, Chelmsford-based Freelance SEO Essex are fast becoming the “go to” company for search engine optimisation.

They’ve now become so successful in fact that they’re one of the region’s leading suppliers of ethical and affordable SEO solutions with a track record to prove it.

Speaking to Danielle Haley, co-director of Freelance SEO Essex, we asked just what it is they do and what makes them different.

Danielle had this to say: “Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is the process of enhancing and improving a website for better performance in the search engines. It involves different tactics and techniques, including looking at onsite factors and building strong links from other quality, relevant websites back to the client’s domain. This all increases its authority and popularity.”

“At Freelance SEO Essex, we’re different in that we want our clients to get involved in their campaign. We point them in the direction of great resources; we explain how to reach out to other websites to carry out link building and learn how to promote better themselves alongside our work. We also offer advice on conversation optimisation, social media management and using Google’s own products to better understand a site’s search performance.”

Here are Freelance SEO Essex’s 4 top tips for boosting your website’s SEO in just 30 minutes or less.

1.Review the meta data on all pages.

When we say meta data, we mean the short snippets of information that sit behind a page on your website. This gives readers and search engines an introduction to the page. Your meta data has a big bearing on where you rank within the search engines because if Google, Yahoo! and Bing can’t work out what your page is about, they won’t present it to users. We can’t stress enough how important it is to make sure that not only do you have meta data but every piece is unique. It’s also a good idea to ensure titles and descriptions include a handful of your targeted keywords but don’t go overboard. Keep your meta clear, concise and free from spelling or grammatical errors.

2.Write short blogs.

Search engines love websites that are constantly generating fresh, interesting content. Ideally, you need to be operating a blog and adding new posts to it on a regular basis. You can write a short but valuable blog for a website in less than thirty minutes. Cover anything from latest developments in your industry to a client case study or run-down of a recent project – just be sure to choose a topic you know a lot about and have a clear idea of what you want to say. Aim for around 300 words and separate big blocks of text with headings.

3.Add your website to quality online business directories.

Signing up to directories and creating profiles for your company is a quick and easy way to drum up backlinks and citations. You’ll need to pay for a profile on some directories but if the site gets high levels of traffic and is visited frequently, a link back is worth the small fee. Don’t add yourself to dozens of directories all at once, though – carefully research your options and spread out your work to ensure your link building looks natural.

4.Get social!

The more social you are and the more interest you generate, the more likely it is the search engines will hold your website in high regard. We know that keeping on top of social media can be time consuming but there’s a great tool that can be used to schedule tweets, posts and statuses in advance, leaving you to get on with the more important things. With Hootsuite, you can spend thirty minutes a week scheduling automated posts, then sit back and let the software work its magic, safe in the knowledge that your accounts are being populated and your company looks ‘active’. It’s still important to keep an eye on who’s interacting with your social profiles and answer queries or feedback as quickly as you can. You may also want to spend a couple of minutes each day sharing funny or interesting posts that are relevant to your industry, or perhaps you could even set up a competition to encourage users to like, share or retweet your content?

To contact Freelance SEO Essex call 01245 477449 / 07840 155535 or email [email protected]


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